All routes are laid on the ground forest roads with ascents and descents, swamps, rivers, various distortions, sensations will be striking.

Routes for 1 hour:
1. Excursion to the waterfall “Maid’s tears” and Volyer Farm
2. Excursion to the pasture.
The length of the route is about 10 km.

Routes at 2 hours:
1. Excursion to the pasture of Vybranka (Veliky, mountain Vybranky, height 1000 m, height difference 500, length of route 20 km).
2. Excursion to the Tertionka pasture (the city of Veliky, Volodya farm, waterfall waterfall “Maid’s tears” , mountain Tersianka height 950m, height difference 450m, length of route 20km).

Routes at 3:00 am:
1. Excursion to the pasture Pasture. (Elevation of the logs is 1200 m, the elevation is 700 m, the length of the route is 30 km).
3. Excursion to Makovitsa is 987m, the height difference is 500 m, the length of the route is 30 km.
Routes for the whole day 8:00:
1. A sightseeing tour to the town of Makovitsa and moving to the rocket city. (The height of the city of Makovitsa is 986 m, the city of the rockets is 1200 m, leaving first at the city of Makovitsa, then we slip on the spine to Rocket, the height difference of 700 m, the length of the route is 80 km)

Cost of 1:00 hour – 600,00 UAH. New Year holidays -700,00 UAH / 800,00 UAH.