By the Gorgan from Prut to Svecha
Duration: 7 days. Seasonality – May-November. The length of the route is 123.5 km, the height difference is 1166 m. The route runs through the Gorgany mountain range, through the hills Khomyak (1542 m), Sinyak (1665 m), Maly Gorgan (1592 m), Dovbushanka (1754 m), Medvezh (1736) m), from where you can go down to the village of Bystrica for the night. Further – Sivulia Malaya (1818 m), Sivulia Bolshaya (1836 m), Lopushna (1772 m), Igrovets (1804 m), the Malakhov Range; then from the top along the creek the route descends to the village of Osmoloda. From the village at the crossroads the trail rises to the Grof (1748 m), Young (1723 m), Confectionery, yayo-Ilemsk (1680 m) and along the Svecha River to the village of Myslivka. On the route you can see the highest peak of the Ghorgan backbone of Sivul Large and beautiful views from the smaller peaks of the Gorgan Massif.