Special Offer from “Lavanda Country Club”
In the period from 15.04.2018-10.06.2018 with early booking period (at least 10 days before arrival):
in the category “House-chalet”, accommodation for 6 guests
in the category “Chalet”, accommodation for 4 guests

The discount is -10% for  reservations of 3 nights or more

The promotion is valid for bookings between April 15, 2018 and June 10, 2018, inclusive, by phone +38 (050) 433 00 50; +38 (050) 433 40 70

* Promotion is not valid if you are currently staying  at the hotel or booked a room before the promotion starts
* The offer is not valid if you shorten the length of your stay at the hotel

“On Bukovel” (Bicycle route)
Duration: 3 hours. The length of the route: 24 km. The climb is 200 m. The route starts from Tatarov and goes to Yablunitsa, where, at the sign, it turns to the right towards Polyanitsa. Several twisted roads go through the village to the Bukovel resort. The end point – a bicycle park – is located on the mountain, where you can climb the extraction number 5, and go down one of the three bike trails.

To Zhenetsky Huk (Bike Track)

Duration: 2.5 hours. The length of the route: 20 km. Recruitment: 220 m. The route starts from Tatarov and goes along the road towards Yaremche, returns by the sign to the left at the end of Tatarov. Then the asphalt path along the river Zhenets leads to the next turn to the left towards Zhenetskoi Huk (waterfall).

By the Gorgan from Prut to Svecha
Duration: 7 days. Seasonality – May-November. The length of the route is 123.5 km, the height difference is 1166 m. The route runs through the Gorgany mountain range, through the hills Khomyak (1542 m), Sinyak (1665 m), Maly Gorgan (1592 m), Dovbushanka (1754 m), Medvezh (1736) m), from where you can go down to the village of Bystrica for the night. Further – Sivulia Malaya (1818 m), Sivulia Bolshaya (1836 m), Lopushna (1772 m), Igrovets (1804 m), the Malakhov Range; then from the top along the creek the route descends to the village of Osmoloda. From the village at the crossroads the trail rises to the Grof (1748 m), Young (1723 m), Confectionery, yayo-Ilemsk (1680 m) and along the Svecha River to the village of Myslivka. On the route you can see the highest peak of the Ghorgan backbone of Sivul Large and beautiful views from the smaller peaks of the Gorgan Massif.

To the mountain Khomyak.

Duration: 5 hours. The length of the route is 10 km, the height difference is 792 m. The route starts at the railway station in the village of Tatari

+v, runs along the Zhenets River to the waterfall, then – through the mountain Khomyak, a small road to the mountainside and stony path up to the top of Khomyak as (1542 m) . From here you can continue your journey to the neighboring Mount Sinyak (1665 m). On the route you can see the Zhenitskiy Falls, landscapes from the top of Khomyak to Chernogor, in particular Mount Hoverla, Petros and Doboshanka.

 From the Pigi’s tract to the “military road”
Duration: 1 day. The length of the route: 28 km, the difference in altitude – 630 m. The route begins in the Pigi tract, from there continues to the tract of Gordev cut, then – to the sources of Dry Rozsishi and the “military road” along the watershed ridge ..

The mountain Yagodnaya (The Berry Mountain)

Duration: 4,5 hours. The length of the route is 12 km, the height difference is 525 m. The route begins at the abandoned railway station in Tatariv, from there goes a path in the northern direction to the mountain track of Lisnov, then – to the mountain Yagodnaya (1216 m).

To the tract of Bashchenko

Duration: 2.5 hours. The length of the route: 5 km, height difference – 156 m. The route begins at the old railway station in the village of Tatariv, from there – along the road up to the tract of Bashchenko, You can also visit the Saint Dmitri with a Bell tower of the XVIII century. in Tatariv.

To the Glade of Love

Duration: 2,5 hours. The length of the route: 5 km, the difference of heights – 214 m. The route starts in the center of the village of Tatariv, from there a wide path leads to the Glade of Love and ends in the village of Kremenets. On the route you can see: the church of St. Dmitri with a bell tower (XVIII century.) In Tatarovo, Glade Love,the legend tells us about that the local girl (gutsulka) rushed from the rock because of love.

Jiping in Carpathian peaks is a great chance to diversify your vacation in the Carpathians. To visit several hours of places where you usually need to spend a few days walking, you can on a powerful SUV, which easily overcomes difficult ups and downs, off road and small streams.

Jiping in the Carpathian Mountains is an extreme type of recreation and tourism, is to overcome tourist routes off-road in cars (SUVs and SUVs). Anyone who has the thirst for adventure, and wishes to get unforgettable impressions can take part in these fascinating trips.

In Ukraine, jipping has not gained enough popularity, as it is abroad, despite the fact that rest on wheels has a number of undisputed advantages, including a trip by a small company, the lack of exhausting physical activity and the need to carry heavy luggage. At the same time, the atmosphere of travel and adventure and even excitement are inalienable attributes of off-road travel.

Traveling on off-road vehicles will fill the rest with lots of emotions, give a lot of impressions, will open you a lot of fantastic landscapes without requiring significant physical effort from you. At your service there are several powerful cars specially equipped for tourist trips, which overcome the river, and sharp turns, and deep potholes. At the wheel of each car – experienced drivers are guides. The walk will certainly awaken the appetite, and then we will offer you to try a real Hutsul dinner and shish kebab cooked in your presence.

We take care of our guests throughout the time spent together. During each trip we have planned short stays for you to treat tea, and also prepare delicious barbecue and Hutsul cuisine.