We want to inform you about some unpleaseant occasions happened in our hotel.
Cleanliness, comfort, comfort, calmness is our unconditional priority. To this end, we engage to train our personnel according to European standards and pay attention to continuous monitoring of their work.
Unfortunately, incidents may occur, especiallly
with the disappearance of hotel belongings from the rooms.
Dear guests, we ask you to understand the requirements of the staff for preserving the belogings offered for your use and comfort by the hotel. Our prices (30-50 euros) for a 2-bedroom room, which we did not raise, and on the contrary have reduced to 2017 year with many free services, delicious breakfast, do not allow to make gifts (bathrobes, towels, etc.), prices for which ones are the European ones
If at the time of your visit you saw something missing, please, inform the hotel staff. If you visit thermal baths, another spa located not in our hotel and take towels and bathrobes from the room, do not forget to bring them back. If you did forget them,please inform the staff – we will take charge of it for your own convenience. Do not insult workers by the fact – “they were not there at the first place.”
Help us make your stay pleseant and comfortable!